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Website as a Sales Tool

In speaking with clients, I often ask “do you currently use your website as a sales tool?”  Often, I’m left with silence – the telephone equivalent of a blank-stare.  I then describe what I mean, “For instance, do you direct people to your website when you are on the phone with them?” The pervasive thinking on websites […]

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Your Website Matters: Referrals Edition

This is my first post in what I hope becomes a series I’m calling “Your Website Matters.” I plan to use this series to illustrate how a small business’ website matters in various situations.  Today’s posting how your website matters to potential clients who found out about your business from a referral or “word-of-mouth.” Referrals […]

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A Website’s Trail of “Mini-Conversions”

Your website is your number one piece of sales collateral.  It is working for you 24/7/365 (if it isn’t time to find a new hosting company!).  But what does that mean?  What are your prospective clients looking for when reviewing your site? The Mini-Conversion Your prospects are using your site to judge your business.  They […]

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What High-School Football Taught me About Business

I played football in high-school. Or rather, I was on the football team and played just about every position in practice. I didn’t get much game-time, but I still managed to learn a great deal (for instance, getting in the way of a guy nick-named “Train” is going to hurt – even in practice. )


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