What High-School Football Taught me About Business

I played football in high-school.  Or rather, I was on the football team and played just about every position in practice.  I didn’t get much game-time, but I still managed to learn a great deal (for instance, getting in the way of a guy nick-named “Train” is going to hurt – even in practice. )  Nearly 20 years later I’m realizing much of what I learned is applicable to business – the example above, included.

While trying to stop a linebacker nicknamed “Train” hurt like hell, it was my job.  And that’s a valuable lesson in business.  Sometimes your job isn’t pretty, it sucks, it can hurt.  But do you think those guys on the PGA only play on sun-filled days?  No!  They still get out there and hit hundreds of balls in the rain.  It is their job.  Do I like making cold-calls?  No, but it is the most effective way I’ve found to get leads.

Other lessons came from some of the motivational cheers we used.  The captain would yell “Am I my brother’s keeper?” and we’d all reply with “Yes I am!”  This was valuable as a football team, because we had to have each other’s backs.  In business, the rest of my team has my back and I have theirs.

Now’s the Time!

Another one I remember is “Now’s the time!”

To which we’d reply “The time is now!”

And this is what inspired me to make this my first post.  Now, my dear readers, is the time.  The time, my friends, is now.

In my job, I speak to small business owners about the effectiveness of their websites.   Typically I do an assessment of a website with my team and circle back with the owner to present our findings and recommendations.  The findings are rarely a surprise.  Business owners know what the problems with their sites are.  Frequently I’m told “I agree, but I just don’t have the time.”

“Now’s the time!  The Time is Now!” I want to shout, but I contain myself.  I try to point out that visitors to a website are opportunities and the adage “opportunity only knocks once” is a well known adage for a reason.  Every day that you “don’t have the time” to address your website’s short comings is a day you are squandering opportunity.

The Time is Now!

Speaking of time, I use a great tool to manage scheduling conversations with clients.  If you’d like to speak with me regarding a website evaluation, you can click here to open a site where you can view my availability and pick a time that works for you.  It will automatically email me and add the call to my calendar.  My evaluations are free, so you have nothing to lose.



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