My job title is Website Consultant with More specifically, I work with professional service businesses to improve their websites - make them more effective. I'm an entrepreneur at heart and have been involved with small-business websites for 15 years. I love what I do because I get to speak with small business owners and decision-makers about their business and about their websites. I love looking for opportunities to help improve both by taking their number one piece of sales collateral to the next level. If you've read this and are interested in discussing your website, you can schedule a time to discuss your website concerns with me by clicking: This will open a page where you can view my availability and pick a time that works or you. It will automatically notify me and add your call to my calendar. I look forward to working with you.


Google is Not a Recommendation Engine (yet)

Sunday’s New York Times had a great article on how negative PR pushed an eyewear reseller up in Google’s ranking.  The article is long, but I highly recommend it (click here if you haven’t already read it). Look, Google is a research tool.  It is not a recommendation engine.  Will it be someday?  Perhaps, but […]

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Meatless Monday Recipe: Pasta with Grilled Eggplant & Zucchini

Today’s post is a bit of a diversion for me.  I’m not writing about websites, sales or small business.  Instead, I am sharing a recipe for a simple, quick and tasty dinner I whipped together Saturday. Meatless Monday: A few of my colleagues at have taken up the tradition of Meatless Monday (okay, one of […]

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Google Instant Previews

About a  month ago, I posted about a new feature Google was testing – Instant Previews.  Well, today Google announced it is rolling out, starting now.  You can read the full post on the Official Google Blog by clicking here. I still think this is good news for consumers and businesses alike.  What do you […]


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URL as a Litmus Test

I’m often asked, “how can I tell if a web developer is any good?” This is a loaded question. Define good. They can write the most elegant code in the world, but be a pain to work with. Or they could be super nice, but never fulfill on their promises. Unfortunately, short of working with […]

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Update on the Water Delivery Mystery

I just got the following email from the CEO of my company: Our Poland Spring Water Delivery Guy quit, so Poland Spring told me that we can keep the jacket and hat. If you want to use it for Halloween, let me know. So, mystery solved. I know what I will be for Halloween.

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The Google Feature that has SEO Experts all Atwitter

Google is testing a new feature that will show full-page previews on their results pages.  You can read more details in this post on the wonderful ReadWriteWeb site.  My Twitter feed is full of mentions of this test today.  Many SEO experts I follow seem unhappy, but as a website owner you shouldn’t be. Full […]

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Is your website “a Pam?”

In last night’s episode of The Office we over hear on of the characters, Pam, talking on the phone with a potential client.  She says “I’m not going to tell you we have the lowest prices.  Is price something that’s important to you?” I know this reply was a joke and used to illustrate that Pam […]

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