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Is your website “a Pam?”

In last night’s episode of The Office we over hear on of the characters, Pam, talking on the phone with a potential client.  She says “I’m not going to tell you we have the lowest prices.  Is price something that’s important to you?” I know this reply was a joke and used to illustrate that Pam […]

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The Wrong Short List

For most professional service businesses, the goal of their website is to be on the short list of providers getting the opportunity for a project.  In my experience, there is more than one shortlist and today’s post is regarding the importance of a call-to-action in regards to getting on the “right” short list. The wrong […]

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Feature + Benefit = Better Understanding

“But what does that mean to me?” This morning, one of my colleagues pointed out that I frequently don’t draw a connection between the “features” of our services and the benefits.    This hit me like a ton of bricks!  I’ve been assuming people SEE the benefit of “passing the five second test,” but what if […]

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Website as a Sales Tool

In speaking with clients, I often ask “do you currently use your website as a sales tool?”  Often, I’m left with silence – the telephone equivalent of a blank-stare.  I then describe what I mean, “For instance, do you direct people to your website when you are on the phone with them?” The pervasive thinking on websites […]

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